Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Starting to see signs of it. Luckily, for the holiday season, my manager has decided to give me two days off in a row. With that in mind, hopefully it will diminish. It's been all the late night flights that wear me out. I not unhappy tho. I am looking at other jobs, keeping my options open. I would really like a 9-5 job and be able to enjoy my evenings w/ my honey. Despite the economy, I am hopeful.

Things with my fiance are flowing. It ebbed a bit when I asked him to respect my property earlier. I just know he wants a laptop tho. He wants a new phone too. Unfortunately, he won't own up to it. He doesn't have that many bills and could reasonably swing one, if not both.

I've been cooking a good bit. I think in cooking I've found my true talent. I've made steak, bbq beef tips, and I'm making gumbo tomorrow. This is no Julie/Julia project. I enjoy cooking w/out having to create deadlines. For Christmas, I am asking for some kitchen knives.

There is a church choir at the airport for the holiday season. They sound beautiful. I would love to join them. I will settle for singing at my kiosk, humming the tune if I do not know the lyrics. My fiance and I do not celebrate Christmas but I am no Scrooge. I'm soft when it comes to holiday music. This actually made my night.

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